Resin coated v Fibre based

See the rather broken, jagged lines between the horizontal sections of this collage? That’s what happens when you tear across a fibre-based print. You can only make the tear once: fiddle about any more and you risk a mess. It’s because fibre-based paper is heavier, thicker and more brittle than the resin-coated variety. As the […]

The cost of photographic paper

I made this image a good few years ago, when I couldn’t afford to spend much money on photographic paper. And this is a large image, 16 inch by 12, when most of my photos are more like 8 x 8. It’s in the nature of photograms that you can’t know the end result till […]

Like a monoprint

A harsher, more stark black and white contrast than for many of my photos; for this image I treated the photogram like a monoprint. If the photographic surface has developer on it before exposure to light, the developer shows up as a white area. So for this photo I scattered developer on pieces of the […]

One of the reasons for starting this blog was that Instagram limits images to squares, or at least works best in that format. The blog gives me a chance to show larger images, and photograms with different dimensions. I’ve shown this one on Instagram, placing it horizontally, but originally I had it in a vertical […]

‘For light of its very nature diffuses itself in every direction in such a way that a point of light will produce instantaneously a sphere of light of any size whatsoever, unless some opaque object stands in the way’ It sounds like a description of a photogram. In fact, it’s the second sentence of De […]

It’s made from long shreds of dark tissue paper, this image, but to my eye it looks geological, like veins of quartz through contorted strata of rock. I briefly studied geology many years ago and I still like the language; Ordovician, Silurian, Carboniferous, Permian, Triassic, Cretaceous… They are simply names to identify the age of […]

I’m just emerging from a month of disruption to the photography, quite apart from lockdown and the American election. Rain leaked in through the flat roof above the darkroom, so I had one week of emptying the room, one week of building work (with masks on) then redecoration. I tried to take longer over putting […]

Texture – in this image it was the result of using black tissue paper. The holes and the weave created the effect, but it was the outcome of particular conditions. It worked because the paper was a little damp. I soaked it in developer so it stuck to the surface of the photographic paper. When […]

This collage has taken years. I know because there are dates on the back from previous times I thought it was completed: April 2013, April 2018. Images often seem finished, sometimes for a long time. It’s tempting to persuade yourself that a collage is right because you want it to be right, because you’re tired […]


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