Texture – in this image it was the result of using black tissue paper. The holes and the weave created the effect, but it was the outcome of particular conditions. It worked because the paper was a little damp. I soaked it in developer so it stuck to the surface of the photographic paper. When […]

This collage has taken years. I know because there are dates on the back from previous times I thought it was completed: April 2013, April 2018. Images often seem finished, sometimes for a long time. It’s tempting to persuade yourself that a collage is right because you want it to be right, because you’re tired […]

Like the first post, this collage uses Adox MCC. It’s a lovely fibre-based photographic paper, with rich, velvety dark tones and soft gradations between white and grey (apologies for sounding like an advert from a photographic magazine). I’ve run out, and it’s unobtainable at present. Problems with pre-suppliers and factories in Europe. Being fibre-based, it […]

This image was simple in the end (sometimes I get to simple solutions after much complication). Two images made using light seeping between the photographic paper and a sheet of tinfoil, one tear, then one of the images turned upside down and joined along the dark edge that looks like a horizon. The textures in […]

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