‘Dim shores, dense rains and heavy-clouded sea’

‘And here again I come and only find
The drain-cut levels of the marshy lea,
Gray sandbanks and pale sunsets, dreary wind,
Dim shores, dense rains and heavy-clouded sea.

Yet tho’ perchance no tract of earth have more
Unlikeness to the fair Ionian plain,
I love the place that I have loved before,
I love the rolling cloud, the flying rain,
The brown sea lapsing back with sullen roar
To travel leagues before he comes again,
The misty desert of the houseless shore,
The phantom-circle of the moaning main.’

From ’Here often, when a child, I lay reclined’ by Tennyson. It doesn’t all fit the image ( ‘The drain-cut levels of the marshy lea’ is probably a memory of the Lincolnshire coast), but most of it does.

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