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‘The lights of home are somewhere behind me..’

‘But what I remember is standing on the back seat of a Galaxie 500, looking out the rear window as my mother drives along unlit country roads. I stare, with a deep thrill I can’t name, at the black sky above and then at the rushing road below, so briefly illuminated by the car’s taillights […]

‘Controlled recklessness…the bite of chemicals’

In 1999, Marc Atkins and Iain Sinclair published a book together, ‘Liquid City’ – writing by Sinclair, black and white photography by Atkins. It’s a portrait of an already vanished London: Bankside power station before it became Tate Modern, Canary Wharf with just the one tall tower. Atkins’ photos are grainy, dark, imperfect, in the […]

‘The secret world you’ve been home inventing in black and white’

In a recent issue of Paris Review magazine, the writer Allan Gurganus talks about his daily work routine: ‘On schedule you go through familiar rituals that’ve at least produced satisfying results. Most days such work can go on till 2 or 3. Then you get to do your banking or shopping or gardening. You again […]

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