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‘Midweek, ash-black and ash-white’

‘Who could have known, in 1959, the balloon would not go up? Who could have seen, back then, the new world’s new disorder? John Ruskin says all clouds are masses of light, even the darkest ones Hard to remember that these overcast afternoons, Midweek, ash-black and ash-white, negative shapes sketched in And luminous here and […]

‘Ancient darkness rushes in.’

From ’Newgrange’ by Thomas R. Smith, an account of a visit to a burial chamber in Ireland. ‘We know that cremated remains were brought here. possibly the flint-hewn basins were for birthing. On sunrise at Winter Solstice light plays down the passage all the way to the inner chamber for about seventeen minutes, assuming clear […]

‘The lights of home are somewhere behind me..’

‘But what I remember is standing on the back seat of a Galaxie 500, looking out the rear window as my mother drives along unlit country roads. I stare, with a deep thrill I can’t name, at the black sky above and then at the rushing road below, so briefly illuminated by the car’s taillights […]

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