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Latest from the Blog

The cost of photographic paper

I made this image a good few years ago, when I couldn’t afford to spend much money on photographic paper. And this is a large image, 16 inch by 12, when most of my photos are more like 8 x 8. It’s in the nature of photograms that you can’t know the end result till […]

Like a monoprint

A harsher, more stark black and white contrast than for many of my photos; for this image I treated the photogram like a monoprint. If the photographic surface has developer on it before exposure to light, the developer shows up as a white area. So for this photo I scattered developer on pieces of the […]

One of the reasons for starting this blog was that Instagram limits images to squares, or at least works best in that format. The blog gives me a chance to show larger images, and photograms with different dimensions. I’ve shown this one on Instagram, placing it horizontally, but originally I had it in a vertical […]

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